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 All expected effects of this major tectonic event will appear on this page.

Tectonic setting:

The circumstances surrounding this event are FAR different from a normal earthquake. The difference is because there is a full-on collision between the 2 largest plates on Earth - Pacific and Eurasian. Normally, only a small part of the surface of a plate is jammed, and plates keep sliding through anyways. Whole thickness of both plates appears to be fully jammed in this case and they have COMPLETELY stopped moving. Now that it is backing up around the world, there is a LOT of energy starting to back up. That is why this will be far worse than even then Japan earthquake.

Updated prediction of the outcome of the current tectonic situation:

Magnitude 10.1 - 10.3 earthquake with epicenter just southeast of Mindanao and near the northeast of Indonesia.

Tsunami. Will be a megatsunami with enough force to cause massive destruction in: Hawaii, Guam, Palau, Mindanao, California, Mexico, China, Japan. Other large waves will also be triggered in the Atlantic ocean.

Earthquake will be felt worldwide due to the "seismic oscillation of the Earth", in a far more amplified form. Likely to produce strong to violent shaking all around the world, including North America and Europe.

Likely to cause global aftershocks of very high intensity. San Andreas fault likely to produce magntitude 7 to 8 earthquake right after main event in the Philippines. Aftershocks of 7, 8, likely even 9 will be triggered far from the epicenter. Much of this will continue for months after the main event.

All these effects are because of the seriousness of having 2 really large plates fully blocked. A large chunk of the Eurasian plate is likely to crack and split at the rupture site, sending the plate flying upward with violent force. This motion has global consequences and is the reason for these seemingly unimaginable effects.

All my amazing predictions I have made are in this section.


The first ever major earthquake event in recorded history in Guyana was in January of this year, and I predicted it. The day before the Earthquake, I tweeted this:

Then on January 31 (just a day later!), Guyana got its first large seismic event. I detected a huge surge in energy moving into the America's region. This earthquake never would have happened had it not been for the extraordinary force caused by the blocking displacing all the plates globally.

A couple months later, I made a shockingly accurate prediction for the Caribbean AGAIN - just a day before it happened! Here is the tweet with my prediction.

Then here was the tweet that followed the next day when the earthquake came:

Pretty insane. I did this twice in 2 months! And there's more regarding the Caribbean! In this tweet listed several places, but notice how I strangely gave the Caribbean first priority in that list. Crazy that the BIGGEST EARTHQUAKE IN CARIBBEAN HISTORY followed a week later!

Here was the original tweet where I warned about the Caribbean:

Other predictions:

This prediction was just ... a MONSTER skill! I predicted Mindanao would have an unusual earthquake TWO HOURS before it happened!

Last year, I warned about the Bolivia salt flats. Then starting just 2 days after I tweeted that, large earthquakes, one after the other started appearing right beside it! Lasted for a few weeks, then these earthquakes subsided.

Here is the reaction to it, with the original prediction tweet below it.

I posted that in Davao, there was going to be an earthquake there in the present or next week. A week later, BOOM! It hits. 6.3. One of the last earthquakes that (to date) would arrive there.

Screenshot of this earthquake in Davao:

Here I also predicted very high precision. I made a shortlist of places to get an earthquake greater than 6.5, within a very short window of time. and I was RIGHT!

It is composed of 2 tweets, first the earthquake details:

And the 5 potential locations:

And the tweet where I reacted to it (and another earthquake I also predicted around that time)

And now here is another SUPERSHOCKER prediction. I posted an epicenter for an earthquake I expected. And just a few days later, an earthquake showed up with its epicenter in the EXACT location where I said it would go! Sounds so unreal it's like science fiction, but no I actually did this!

And here is earthquake that showed up, exactly where I said it would be. Just 4 days later too.

Closely compared to the above image from my prediction:

USGS placed it a little to the west, but still hardly any difference

It's so scary how close my prediction was both by its location AND how soon it came, it's like witchcraft!

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